It’s Okay

If you’ve ever felt pressured or obligated to feel a certain way or deny an emotion you’re having, let me just tell you: it’s absolutely okay to feel however you’re feeling. If these emotions don’t fit into another’s person schedule or if they somehow compromise their life, it’s probably best for them to rearrange some things because your emotional honesty doesn’t come second to anyone or anyone.

I tend to be a positive person. Yes, I do believe that we possess a great deal of personal power in altering the energy that surrounds and pervades our spirit. But I have those moments when that becomes incredibly hard, even impossible. You probably have the same.

Have you ever had someone tell you “you need to cheer up because you’re dragging me down”? Yes, some people believe that we owe them a certain emotional reality and as unbelievable as this is, what’s even more so is that we often oblige them out of some fear that we’ll disappoint them if we persist in our emotions.

Emotions belong to you. They are as much your property as your body, your thoughts, your words. And it’s not just sad, distressed, anxious or depressed emotions…but elation and happiness as well

Naturally, we’re not going to gloat in our happiness around people who are sad. We’ll honor their emotional journey with respect. But we will not allow ourselves to be sucked in to their emotional reality in that it becomes a first hand experience within us.

Emotional honesty is the only real way to deal with and experience emotions. Allow yourself to feel exactly how you’re feeling without any fear of judgment from those around you. 


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