What it means to “be enough”

It’s easy to consider the phrase “you are enough” to be trite and cliché. It’s quite commonly used yet seldom explained, which probably leads some to think it’s an empty expression.

Quite the contrary.

Being ‘enough’ means that we are, essentially, complete. Not that we have found or can find completeness but that we were born with everything we need. Indeed, born whole.

Systematically, as social creatures, we’ve been conditioned to think of ourselves as partial people; lacking in some way or in many ways. Perhaps it’s something we desire that we haven’t attained (i.e. a particular job, some material possession, a dream relationship, the perfect home, etc) And while it’s important to commit ourselves to creating a life of abundance, it often goes unnoticed that our spiritual abundance was inside all along.

So why don’t we recognize it? Again, we’ve been conditioned not to. As we relate to the world, that relationship comes with expectations. From childhood, there were expectations on us. Whether it was doing well in school, having friends who liked us, wearing clothes that wouldn’t get us laughed at, there was always some qualitative metric we had to achieve and maintain. I remember getting a terrible report card and feeling absolutely horrible about myself. I believed I was a failure and that I’d let everyone down. I see now that I hadn’t. But it took years to recognize this which is why so many of us probably still have nightmares about school to this day. It was out first experience being a product

Embracing your wholeness means accepting that your birth, the very fact that you exist on planet earth, is testament to your uniqueness. There’s nobody else like you. You’re the entire package. 

I know many people who are waiting for something to happen in their lives and consider themselves incomplete before that thing happens. It may or may not happen, or they may lose interest. Whatever the case, putting your happiness on hold because you think your life is lacking in some regard robs you of the beauty contained in this moment.

So, you are enough. Because you are you. 


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