Sometimes, it hits me: I’m extraordinarily fortunate. I have my health, I am able to feed and clothe myself and I have a roof over my head. These astonishingly simple things are luxuries to some. Right now, there’s probably someone in this world for whom the thought of simply being able to afford one item of clothing is a distant dream they’ve hung upon a star. Yet how often do we complain about the useless stuff?

We’re conditioned this way, I guess. Maybe we don’t consider the basic abundance that we have to be that special because it’s a given that we’ll always have them. We view what we have relatively to what we’ve always had.

The thought of losing our house in a tornado is unimaginable. But if that were to happen and we narrowly escaped with our life, we probably wouldn’t care about the house so much since we’d be so thankful to have survived.

Gratitude is often hard because, in a sense, we’re so oblivious to what we have. And the more we have, the more we want. We’re never satisfied. And this continues until one day it becomes a very real injustice when the Starbucks barista tells us they’ve run out of our favorite sugar-free syrup. 

It’s time to reset.

It’s time to take an objective look at just what we have right here, right now. Not the luxuries (or lack thereof) but the essentials; those things whether tangible or intangible that afford us the most basic comfort. Ponder and meditate on them. Foster a real send of gratitude for them. Be thankful.


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