This Is Your Moment


This very moment.

Can you embrace the fact that it’s all there really is? Or that it’s all there ever was?

We can either perceive life as being a linear arrangement of seconds, hours, days and years or we can transform this tired and problematic perception into seeing life as this moment.

The problem with the linear order of time describing life is that there’s always something before us to reference and, using this model, the present is predicated on the past. The idea here is that the present is an culmination of the past; of our thoughts, actions, etc. Naturally, this requires us to keep the past alive.

But what if we saw the present as independent? What if what is is everything? This isn’t just warm and fuzzy new age-y logic to keep us from addressing the experiences of the past. On the contrary, it’s observable fact.

Life is not as much a series of moments as this moment is the expression of the entirety  of life itself!

And as we are imperfect as human beings, prone to make our silly mistakes and tethered to our infinite limitations, every moment is indeed a call for renewal, for focus, for the very inhabiting of life itself.

Dwell now.

Love now.

BE now.

This moment is everything.


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