You Are Not Your Circumstances

Inner strength in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds amazes me. When someone is able to push forward, remain centered and unaffected by the troubles of life, it is truly inspiring. So, what’s happening here?

When life gets difficult, we have the option of either internalizing that struggle or externalizing it. When we internalize, we have taken on the problem as a being subject to it. We bring it in, we mix and blend it with what and who we are so that it becomes virtually indistinguishable from us. So, when we walk through life, that struggle, that difficulty and negativity becomes a component of our identity.

When we externalize those struggles and circumstances that try us, we can be objective about resolving them without taking a toll on our own sense of reality and focus. Most people who are gifted at dealing with problems see those problems as being separate to them. They compartmentalize, allowing themselves to be independent and not subject to difficulty.

This practice is helpful is so many ways. Imagine how much happier and content we can be when we keep ourselves separate from what could potentially hurt us if we otherwise took it on personally. Imagine if we were able to turn it on and off when we’re able to effectively deal with it. This is not escapism. This isn’t a means of fleeing from our pain. It’s about viewing it from a safe distance.

No scientist handles toxic substances without protective attire. Likewise, we shouldn’t handle our difficulties without taking necessary precautions.

Remember, you are NOT your circumstances. What happens to you is simply happening somewhere within this universe. We handle them with curiosity and objectivity. We don’t become them.


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