I’m Grateful for Difficult People

It’s easy to be positive when you’re around positive people or when the situations in life are generally going well. But we all know that’s not always our reality. Sometimes we’re faced with difficulties and, arguably more problematic, difficult people.

It’s easy to say we’ll exclusively refrain from engaging toxic people in an attempt to remain calm and collected but anyone who lives and functions in a society knows that’s virtually impossible. After all, we need a license and tag to drive a car so a trip to the DMV is still unavoidable. What if, instead of allowing the abundant negativity of such a setting affect us, we attempted to affect it with our spirit and optimism?

This thing can run two ways, as I see it. There’s no static law in place that dictates the direction of emotional conditioning, is there? Sure, negativity is often a much more powerful emotional that positivity but that’s because we dread the negative so much more than desire the positive.

Toxic people are an excellent resource for strengthening our optimism. They give us the ability to really work out our center, our focus, hope and perspective. They’re like trainers, really.

I’m not only grateful for difficult people because they can help to solidify my resolve to show compassion and love but also since they give me the opportunity to be compassionate in difficult circumstances. They give me the chance to put my money where my mouth is because it’s obviously much easier to be positive around positive people just as it is to love people who we know will love us in return. The challenge is to be the light shining into the lives of someone who may never have turned their light on.


I will love unconditionally today. I will find the source of compassion and love within me as though it were a light and shine that brilliantly into the lives of others. I will not force my sense of optimism on others so as to upset them or entrench them further in their despair, but abide with them, willing to care, willing to smile, willing to share the tenderness and kindness which imbues my soul.


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