Just … Be

I took my dog out for a walk tonight. It was one of those few clear Florida evenings when the heavens were alight with stars, when light pollution, clouds and misty vapor hadn’t obfuscated the celestial imagery.

Looking up as we walked along, I was entranced as I normally am by the sublime beauty of what my eyes beheld. But behind my eyes, far deeper within me, my spirit was radiating with profound gratitude and joy.

I thought about how small we are, how infinitesimal all of this is; all of these things we encounter with regularity on this orb, how much happiness and love we are capable of creating and, sadly, how much pain and grief we can create as well. All of it, under those stars and constellations shining their light into a vastness of space unbeknownst of all the minute, petty problems we think are so god awfully important.

In the midst of this meditation, I thought of myself. I thought of my occasion ambivalence, my prolific, never ending thought cycles that seem to go nowhere, my failure to grasp everything, my imperfections and my strange and fleeting desire to be a repository of knowledge.

It occurred to me that soulful liberation, if such a thing is possible, may really just be a matter of giving up the need to be right or to prove anything; surrendering the need to be something or have a label.

Looking up, I simply felt as though I were consciousness and nothing more. That everything besides being an incarnation of consciousness was just an illusion.

What a transcendent and overwhelming sense of peace. For a moment, my mind was quiet, I let my fears go. I released my notions of self into the ether. Time both rushed by and stood still. Or, perhaps, there was no chronological meaning at all.

Being an insignificant dot might be the most significant thing we have to hold onto. Maybe it’s time to surrender being anything…and just be.


4 thoughts on “Just … Be

  1. Beautiful – reminds me of this from a letter by Keats

    “Several things dovetailed in my mind, & at once it struck me, what quality went to form a Man of Achievement especially in Literature & which Shakespeare possessed so enormously — I mean Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason … with a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration.”

    There’s also this from Wordworth’s ‘Expostulation and Reply’.

    The eye–it cannot choose but see;
    We cannot bid the ear be still;
    Our bodies feel, where’er they be,
    Against or with our will. 20

    “Nor less I deem that there are Powers
    Which of themselves our minds impress;
    That we can feed this mind of ours
    In a wise passiveness.

    I’ve always thought they’re talking about the same thing. Finally, how about a bit of DH Lawrence?


    Oh we’ve got to trust
    one another again
    in some essentials.

    Not the narrow little
    bargaining trust
    that says: I’m for you
    if you’ll be for me. –

    But a bigger trust,
    a trust of the sun
    that does not bother
    about moth and rust,
    and we see it shining
    in one another.

    Oh don’t you trust me,
    don’t burden me
    with your life and affairs; don’t
    thrust me
    into your cares.

    But I think you may trust
    the sun in me
    that glows with just
    as much glow as you see
    in me, and no more.

    But if it warms
    your heart’s quick core
    why then trust it, it forms
    one faithfulness more.

    And be, oh be
    a sun to me,
    not a weary, insistent

    but a sun that shines
    and goes dark, but shines
    again and entwines
    with the sunshine in me

    till we both of us
    are more glorious
    and more sunny.

    Blimey, this is the longest reply I’ve ever posted , but it’s meant as a tribute to your thought-provoking insights. All the best, my friend …

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