Sexuality: Sublime and Transcendent.

It always amazes me that human sexuality, perhaps one of the most sublime and beautiful things, is considered a taboo discussion. We’ve inherited, by way of various repressed religious and cultural traditions, an inability to truly embrace not only the wonder of sexuality but the need for it. 

We are sexual beings. We exist because sex exists. It’s rather bizarre that we would avoid a topic that is so profoundly crucial to the furthering of humanity’s existence!

But I’m not talking about procreation. I’m not even talking about conventional sexuality. I’m referring to sexual energy and sexual communion.

To be sexual, either with someone else or by yourself, is to harness something profoundly spiritual that is physically realized in the human body. There is nothing more profound than the ecstasy that comes from surrendering to the flow of this energy. In many ways, it is sacred. Not sacred in a religious sense, but sacred in the sense that we are capable of transcending so many levels of our corporeal nature by opening this door to our sexuality.

As meditation, sexuality is a practice in the divine art of being absolutely present with what your body is doing. As all of those chemicals rush around, as muscles tense and relax, as the body and spirit coalesce in ecstasy, we are not only given a vista into the behavior of our body and soul but treated as active participants as all of those senses come together.

As communication, sexuality is the unwritten, unspoken language. It exists far beyond these petty, limited bounds of words, letters and sounds. Sexuality is the most universal language. After all, why is it called “making love” when we bring our bodies together? Love is the most universal emotion; sex is its physical counterpart.

As generosity, sexuality inhabits that divine nature of giving. When people come together and for sexuality to be a truly soulful experience, there is no taking. There is no one-sidedness. There is no unequal advantage. We give to each other, we give to ourselves from our abundance. It is the ultimate exercise is giving joy to be  joyful within our own hearts. 

When people are ready to embrace the soul-lifting power of sexuality, it is there freely to experience. When we have decided that it is not shameful to be sexual but beautiful, when we realize that only when the coming together of souls and bodies is, first and foremost, predicated on respect, openness and non-judgment, we can absolutely harness its sublime nature.


2 thoughts on “Sexuality: Sublime and Transcendent.

  1. It’s sad that today’s society implies that sexuality is something shameful. I totally agree, it is a beautiful thing to be in tune with your own body, as well as to connect on that level with somebody else.

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    • We have inherited a deeply entrenched system of fear and misunderstanding when it comes to human sexuality, perpetuated by the religious and societal mores and values that have been so closely, inextricably linked to our collective worth. Such a joyful and healthy thing should celebrated and enjoyed thoroughly.

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