The Simplicity of Existence

We have an uncanny way of making our existence so much more difficult and brutal than it was ever meant to be. The fact we exist by no fault of our own is testament in itself to the ease with which we came into this existence. Well, ease for us, that is.

But as the process of living continues, as our brains grow, our world becomes increasingly nuanced and we grapple with the inescapable that we are in the midst of it all, it’s natural that things become complicated. Even the most balanced people seem to have those occasional moments where anything and everything teeters on the precipice of mayhem.

You may be one of those people who believe that life is only as good as how complicated it gets. We can handle so many things at once, it seems, while remaining relatively in control. But we have our breaking point and those resulting emotions can obliterate our focus and happiness with extraordinary efficiency. 

Have you ever felt yourself being?

You’re alive and you’re here, so you are. But our perception of ourselves rarely reflect any sense of being-ness. We take for granted that we are. We see, we perceive, we think, we postulate and project. So, naturally, letting ourselves feel is redundant. Or is it?


I heard the story of an English diplomat who was visiting India. He asked a holy man what consciousness was. They were sitting on a lawn at the time. The holy man told the diplomat to look at a tree, so he did. “Now, look beyond the tree, what do you see?” The diplomat looked and saw a cloud. “Look beyond the cloud,” the holy man said. The diplomat responded “I see the sky.” The holy man then told him to look beyond the sky. “What will I see?” the confused Englishman asked. The holy man paused and said “consciousness.”

Simplicity is a hard thing to grasp, I realize. We’re conditioned to place importance on complication and find our meaning and purpose within it. We’re quick to call those who move slowly, speak softly and act in deliberate and peaceful ways as unmotivated and lackadaisical. But why? Why is it so controversial or anathema our society to conserve energy and pursue simplicity.

The lesson in the story of the Diplomat and Holy Man is this: beyond constructs, there is nothing…and within nothing is where we find our true nature or true self. To me, this represents the being in human being. You are a human being whether you know it or not. Beyond your name, beyond your creed, race, disability, income or educational level, you are a being. This is so incredibly simple that it boggles the mind how anyone could get it wrong.

Be you.

Be a being.

Keeping being effortlessly. And realize, probably through stillness and meditation, that all you are is consciousness and life. Beyond that, it’s construct and perception.


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