Thoughts While Sitting on Sand

Just yesterday, I was sitting on the sand. The waves coalescing with my feet as I welcomed the radiant sun upon my skin. I looked out toward the horizon; a line of solid, glimmering blue against the backdrop of sky.

As the water touched my feet, I allowed my heart to become filled with gratitude. I left all of my cares behind me, farther inland where they belonged. This sublime moment was far too powerful for them to hang about.

I felt, if just far a brief and fleeting moment, absolutely alive. All of the constructs and labels we accept from others and apply to ourselves seemed to dry into scales to be blown off effortlessly by a gentle sea breeze.

Within each drop of water that engulfed my body, I felt the presence of all beings, in all places. I felt commonality manifested in that singular experience, as though all lands, all voices, all the cosmos were somehow calling my name and that the infinite expanse of space and time seemed to be encapsulated in a brief interlude.

I considered the nature of love and how the sweet emotions of adoration and compassion are so pure and so right.

I considered the suffering, the heartbreak and malaise of those who’ve nearly given up. I exhaled love for them, unconditionally, on my breath.

For that moment, material and immaterial were indistinguishable. I was blessed with wholeness, awareness and consciousness. 

Sitting…by the Sea.


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