The Prison of Desire

“I need…”

“I want…”

“I deserve…”

Desire is the root of all pain. Some desires go on forever, unfulfilled. The emptiness and the vacuum of incompletion being left as a gaping spiritual wound that never heals. We all want something and some of our wants are more complex and involved than others. Also, desires are relative to the person having the desire and our unique circumstances. It may be that we desire a luxury yacht while someone on the other side of the world desires simply a drink of clean water that want immediately kill them. Where desire becomes a form of spiritual incarceration is in grappling with the reality that our desire cannot be satisfied. It may create a sort of drive in some; inspiring them to strive hard to satisfy their desires, but in others it is a kind of stagnation. 

What if we could abandon desire? It seems virtually impossible, I know. Some would even argue that it can’t be done. But if we change the meaning of desire, perhaps we can quell the dissatisfaction we often become subject to when we don’t get what we want. What if we changed desire to seeking? To want implies that we expect something to arrive materialize quickly and assuredly in the exact way and shape we have formulated it in our mind. Wants/desires often involve a spirit of deserving or entitledment because we believe that not having it is somehow an injustice; that the longer we are without what we want, the worse our life is. But how can we say that when trying to always live consciously and peacefully in this moment?

The spirit of seeking implies following a path as it unfolds before us and allowing our abundance to take shape as we evolve as beings, learning and growing mentally and spiritually day by day. Often, what we want we never needed. But what is uncovered through seeking and surrendering our control is always what we need. Why? Because we evolve to appreciate what will eventually arrive.

Surrender is freedom. When we give up control of our circumstances through endless wants and desires, we will begin to experience a sense of freedom and liberation we may have never felt. By giving up our desires, we are setting ourselves free.


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