Expressions of Love

Maybe I think about love more than most people. Or maybe not. What is love? Often, it’s what we want it to be or what specifically appeals to us or applies to our lives at a given moment. But love is a transcendent thing; a kind of energy, really. We express love in countless ways, both for ourselves and others. Love as a romantic emotion is just a fraction of what love is and can be. But romantic love takes most of the emphasis because romantic love is commonly associated with sex and sex is something we want and desire both for gratification and natural necessity. 

But love can be expressed in so many ways. Love can be expressed between parents and children, between friends, between strangers and within the individual. We call expressions of love by other names: compassion, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, gratitude, acknowledgment and many more. But, when you really think about it, aren’t these all just expressions of love?

In the coffee line, I may smile at a stranger. They may smile at me. They may hold the door for me or I got them. There could be a genuine “how are you?” shared between us. Is this not an expression of love? 

When we peer into the celestial majesty of the night sky and witness the heavens in all its glory, are we not replete with gratitude? This, too, is love.

All love is one love.

While love is expressed in many ways, the root is the same. All love comes from one place: awareness. When we aware of the fact we exist along with other beings on this planet, when we realize that we depend on others and even on the things which exist beyond the agency of humans, love takes hold within us. Unconscious people (those who live in unawareness) do not perceive the love energy abounding all around us and often complain that love doesn’t exist for them. This is because they have fallen victim to the notion that love is proprietary or manifested as one thing alone; that love is something to be attained or something that is easily defined. 

Once we awaken to the idea that love is wider and more profound than we can conceive, our spiritual freedom is assured. 


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