“Separate” is an illusion.

This is that. I am that. This is me. They are me. I am them. They are that.

There are no connection(s)…only connection as a singular truth. We are all intricately connected, not as separate units on individual circuits but inherently a part of one human life force; one beautiful manifestation of universal life.

When you are a part of the whole, when you can witness the manifestation of life appearing in its radiance around you, you are not only a witness but a participant. You are as crucial and integral to what exists around you as that which exists is integral to you.

The next time you find yourself wondering if the connection is real, open your eyes and your heart. Without judgment or desire, simply allow everything around you to be and unfold effortlessly. Soon, in silence, you will begin to see how everything is in its place; how nothing is or ever was singular.

The mistake is not in thinking we are one, but in thinking we are not one. It cannot appeal to your intellect, though. Thinking and ruminating about it will not make it apparent. It must be experienced through presence.


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