Escape to “Now”

We’ve all been in a situation where we wish we were anywhere else. Maybe it’s painful, awkward or just boring. We find ourselves saddled with the burden of figuring out how to deal, basically. It’s never easy and it’s especially hard when we start pining for some escape from the situation. In our heads, with our imaginations, we visualize something different, somewher far away or some other place in time that we could flee to.


The escapist mentality is a manifestation of our desire to flee instead of fight. Even if we don’t physically remove ourselves from whichever excruciating situation we’re in, we imagine ourselves somehow away. And while imagination is important, we must realize that escaping this moment never lasts. We’re always brought back. We always must, at some point, contend with what is.

When I suggest that we escape to now, I mean that there is ultimately freedom and liberation in our existence this very moment; nanosecond by nanosecond. Beyond each breath and beat of the heart is conjecture. In other words, the margin between what is and what isn’t can be as simple as a blink of an eye. Material versus immaterial, truth versus perception of truth.

Each breath, consciously experienced, occurs for our benefit. When we are placed in difficult times, it’s the presence of body and mind that determines what truly is. When we inhabit this space, in this time, we are inhabiting a spiritual domain that not only exists for us alone, but moves and evolves with us as we become cognizant of it.

This moment is our refuge.


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