It’s understandable how something called “self love” could be misconstrued. After all, arrogant and conceited people love themselves, right? In that sense, it’s not something to be admired.

But self love, in its purest sense, means self-acceptance, self-caring and self-validation. And each of these relate in some way to our human condition, our inevitable faults and our shortcomings. Self-love is not the illusion of perfection but rather the acceptance that we are utterly imperfect and, furthermore, that it’s absolutely fine to be. Self-love means embracing the totality of who we are when we are open and honest with ourselves; when we’ve delved far beyond the facade and the superficiality that we’ve put up as a defense over time.

Self-love means not having to adhere to a self-applied or community-applied label anymore or subject ourselves to the burden of living up to the image we constantly try to portray. All these things are a defense and when we cultivate pure love of self, it becomes abundantly clear that there’s no need for our defense any longer.

Ironically, self-love is admitting that we have aspects of ourselves that may be unloveable. Again, that’s okay. Truth and honesty tend to sort these things out eventually. 

So don’t be afraid to fall in love with yourself and begin a transformative journey of self-discovery. 


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