Kindness Matters

I know I’m always going on about love and compassion. I’m always telling you to love yourself and spread peace. Well, that’s because I really believe in those things. Do I get upset and dismayed from time to time? Hell yes. Do I stand in awe of just how fucked up the world can be? Absolutely.

But there’s something that keeps me going: the infinite potential for people to love one another; the knowledge that history is filled with examples of people showing kindness to one another despite the circumstances they found themselves in. In fact, times of incredible strife can birth such a collective awakening in terms of kindness and peace. Sometimes it’s those who are enduring the pain of the world first hand who become repositories of light and love to others because their abiding compassion serves as a beacon that pierces the dense cloud of suffering.

Kindness matters. And it’s such a simple thing. Being a nice person is powerful and yet it represents a kind of power that resides effortlessly in each of us. There’s no secret we have to uncover or higher knowledge we have to learn. We simply have to treat others well and understand, at a very basic level, that we all matter and that we all deserve to be loved and acknowledged.

I’ve had really bad days in my life as I’m sure you have. Nothing can turn around a bad day quite like a gesture of humanity from someone else, even if they’re a stranger. I’ve had my entire day transformed because of a single smile that was shared with me from someone I didn’t know at just the precise moment I needed it. Imagine how beautiful it would be if we took it upon ourselves to be the person who initiated that simple act of love with someone in public? Or with a friend.

They say it requires more muscles to frown than smile. It also takes less key strokes to text someone “I love you” than it does to tap out a diatribe on our troubles and worries. Sometimes, even when we’re down, just showing love for others creates love for us. Yes, it’s cyclical. When you sow it, you’ll reap it. Maybe not exactly when you expect but the person with kindness and compassion in their heart, who is willing to instill that spirit in their words and actions won’t go unnoticed for long.

The world needs those who are often called ‘hopelessly naive.’ Our compassion is criticized often because it is misunderstood or considered to be insincere. But, fear not and keep being kind. Because kindness matters and kindness can change the world.


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