Have you ever responded “it is what it is,” when asked about the state of something? We may think this is a negative reply or a cop-out line, when we’re so unenthused by something that we simply couldn’t bother describing it. But how can we argue with the profound truth and simplicity contained in this very poignant statement?

It is…what it is.

As people, we are often trying to conceptualize and contextualize stuff; to reduce everything to the understandable and then attempt to apply our labels to it. But life is far too complex for oversimplification and our feeble categorization may cause us more frustration than relief. 

Imagine how easy it’d be to handle life’s quandaries if we began from the starting position of acceptance? If we began by accepting that life, itself, may not always make absolute sense to us and that perhaps it isn’t supposed to?

Attributing causality to something or someone is the nature of religion. At least religions that hold a cosmological dimension. “Why?” is an intoxicating question. Yet, it often leads us down a rabbit hole that keeps going and going until it u-turns and comes back up to the place we just began.

If humans search for reason, we may find it…even if it is a construct of our own minds, shaped by our own perception. But meaning can be faulty when what is doesn’t reconcile with what we think should be. In other words, when things don’t go our way, we’d better create some exception in our philosophical worldview to provide for it, or else everything becomes chaotic. You may have a conception of the universe within you now; a narrative of what this all means and what this all can be. And that’s okay. 

But what if we simply embraced the fact that we exist, here and now? That there is no causation? How extraordinarily special and wonderful would each single moment be if we existed peacefully with it? 


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