Sexuality as Enlightment

Enlightenment is one of those terms we throw around a lot and yet may not understand all that well. When we speak of enlightenment, the most common interpretation is an arriving. Usually after some long series of introspection, instruction and meditation. Nirvana is often used as a way of summarizing enlightenment into a bite-sized notion; the idea that we have finally transcended the ego and are maintaining awareness of the true self. This may be the case, but enlightenment, to me, is simply a state where we realize the present moment and become completely engaged in it; a state whereby the past is immaterial and the future is but an illusion. Totally presence.

Meditation can be an excellent way of keeping us mindfully rooted in the present. When we meditate, we focus solely on being right here, right now. But beyond meditation, another realm of our humanity can also keep us rooted in the present: sexuality.

To discuss this, we must remove the stigma surrounding the concept; the fear and embarrassment we feel at discussing something that we tend to keep very private. In fact, it is our insistence on keeping sexuality private and hidden that causes it to be such a difficult thing to confront and, more over, misused thing that can create pain and suffering. Humans have a seemingly infinite ability to create suffering and our sexuality is not different.

When I speak of sexuality, I am talking about the open, healthy and spiritually beneficial exercise. I am talking about the divine energy made manifest within us at the point where our souls emerge from within and merge with the flesh to create a materialized realm of passion and sensitivity.

Can sexuality draw us to the light? Can sexuality be a divine experience? When I say divine, I don’t mean a religious context. Or according to any codified belief system. One of the major impediments to healthy sexual expression is, indeed, religion. Religions who demonize the free expression of sexuality have done much more harm than good. I refer rather to the spirit’s involvement; the kind of passion that goes beyond words. To where concepts lose their meaning.

In meditation, concepts simplify greatly. We tend to reduce something to its very basic meaning. When you meditate, for instance, and head a bird, you think “bird” and return to the breath. The bird’s song becomes integral and inter meshed with everything. It no long exists on its own; we do not comceptualize what it is beyond this.

In sexuality, it is much the same. When we explore the reality of physical bliss, we become unified with it. It is no long a thing separate to us but, rather, a thing that cannot be separated from who and what we are…a universal connection, realized through the body.

Throughout the eons, humans have sought to witness the divine nature in a tangible form. Religions create icons and stories of materialized phenomena. Spiritualists convene to usher in a spiritual event so that they may go beyond merely explaining it academic theory and really feeling it and experiencing it. And how is sex different?

How is sexual expression any different than a prayer or meditation? Nirvana and enlightenment are often synonymous with bliss and, you guessed it, so is sexuality. 

The problem arises when we are physically engaged with those who do. It or cannot realize the divine nature of sexual energy. When someone sees sexuality as a power grab or selfishly seizes upon their sexuality for self-gratification, we can safely say that the divine nature is not dwelling within our communion. And this requires likemindedness. This requires a great deal of introspection and understanding of our own desires; the things that drive us and our passions.

And we must always understand and appreciate the nature of self-love in a physical sense. The idea that we can awaken our sexual nature on our own and that it is valid, beautiful and powerful in and of itself.

If we are to tether ourselves to this moment, the nature of our bliss is a great means of doing it. It is to be explored and cherished. It doesn’t belong to any law or religion. It is universal. It is timeless. It is our peace revealed within our bodies. It is, ultimately, love.


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