Liberation of the Soul

There’s a lot of stuff in the world, which usually translates to knowledge because we feel we can know things. Knowledge is a tricky proposition because it either solidifies the preconceived notions we’ve harbored within or grants us the illusory power and authority to construct new truths based on our bias. Either way, our conventional idea of knowledge is predicated on the absence of immediate experience. Because experience can only exist in the present, concurrently to our own exisence, in many ways inter meshed with who, what and where we find ourselves.

The soul (whatever you want to think it is) aches to break through this hardened layer of knowledge and belief. The soul is in constant motion, taking us on an experiential journey every moment. When we are led by our souls, we exist in a state of interconnectedness with everything and everyone. We imbue each present moment fully because that is the lens through which the soul sees. It is animated and never the same.

Carrying around our tired notions, maintaining our obedient attachment to truths can often lead us nowhere. At least nowhere, spiritually. It’s time to do away with the notion that we must be a static force; that we must neatly fit into our box and stay there; that we must be comprehensible and conceivable. The soul does not play by these rules. Stagnant thinking renders the soul motionless and still. It douses the fire of the soul with water and leaves smoking, dying charcoal where the radiant flame once was.

If we truly want to set out souls free, we must understand that we cannot understand.   The soul does not thrive on our petty knowledge. It subsists, rather, on our desire to live absolutely; the exist fully, without the need to justify ourselves, within this divine, beautiful and limitless moment. On then can we see the universe for the true beauty and awesomeness is contains.


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