Come, sublime night

The sun, dimmed. The light, as though glimmering grains of finely illuminated sand pouring from the grid, drained through my curtains into the sacred mysterious abyss of night. The darkness rolls over, a tidal wave of night. Through barely open eyelids, the embrace of night unfolds. Physically closed or open, my soul has been unfurled. I am a sheet of linen, draped across my bed, in repose and yet stirring to the subtle energy emanating through the mystery of what my senses perceive.

Night, a beautiful reality. 

Night, an illusion. 

The sun is shining somewhere. Millions of people on this orb hustle in the radiant sunlight, experience the rising and setting of our collective lamp simultaneously.

But I have been preordained for this very moment. My senses, alive and awaken. Night unfolds, billowed as a diaphanous sheet descending upon me. My skin, my heart and my spirit, perfectly aligned, awaiting its arrival. 


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