Shine Your Light, Beautiful One

The pain and chaos of this word may stifle your spiritual growth. You may feel that it’s necessary to hide your light under that proverbial rock lest it shine brightly at the wrong time. Well, under that rock, your light will extinguish. Beautiful creature, let your light shine. The world desires it. No, more over, the world needs your light now more than ever. Raise it high and proudly; let it be the beacon of your soul for all to see and to navigate the ships of lost souls safely to the harbor of your love and warmth.

The rocky coast juts out into the raging sea. The mist obfuscates our view as we careen toward them. Beautiful one, shine your light. Shine it bright.

The universe is not a collection of separate entities meandering without direction or meaning. Our connections are vast and complex. We are one humanity; one consciousness. When one cannot shine their light, when their hope is dwindling, be their beacon, be their hope, be their refreshment when life becomes a desert.

Shine your light.

We need your light.

Now, more than ever.


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