Irrepresible Beingness

Our feet stand upon the earth. Do we know it? Do we realize that each step is a sacred act, guided by our enormous capacity for inhabiting this moment? Are we willing to accept that we are truly engaged with the now?

Ideas, like vague constructs, cloud our view, like light flurries dancing through space. This way and that way they go, ebullient, misty. We cling and grasp into the ether, attempting in some vain way to tether ourselves to the light show as each ember dies before us and another forms miraculously beyond our grasp. 

Meanwhile, our feet are here, firmly on the ground, holding us to this planet that’s hurling through the galaxy, providing us with the abiding assurance that we are here.

What we do not have, we desire.

What we do have, we ignore.

Feet upon the earth; a surface of our body dispersing its weight across the shaking ground, forming a solid foundation; a balanced platform for our mortal existence. Such a blessing to be here. Such an overwhelmingly powerful physical reminder that we are.

The chaotic mind trips will come and grow, the stirring of our souls will continue. Meanwhile, here we stand. At the moment. The moment finds us and we find it; two realities intermingled as one. 


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