Wanting What We Have

As I lay here, in peaceful repose after the day that was, I realize that I am a product of the natural order. All of my systems working harmoniously together. My lungs filling and emptying, my heart beating without me having to do anything but continue to involuntarily breathe. I am everything and everything is me, in this sacred moment when energy and information course through my veins and huddle around me majestically.

Despite our many problems, despite our desires and our expectations, we are simply alive at our core. As I write this, somewhere in this world, a wealthy person is about to die. Maybe they know it and maybe they don’t. But let’s assume that someone who has amassed a great fortune and who, by all intents and purposes, lives a successful and fruitful life is slowing fading into the nothingness of death. Maybe they’re surrounded by family. Maybe they are still able to think of their many possessions and accolades. Maybe their mind returns to the elegant mansion they had built in their honor. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are certainly about to die and, very soon, none of that will matter. It will all be void when they continue to live. At the same time, perhaps at the same hospital, a beggar is dying as well. He had nothing but he meager possessions he stuffed into an empty grocery cart. He slept in squalor every night and ate out of trash cans during the day. As his eyes begin to close and the last bit of his consciousness drains from his mortal existence, does he think of what he didn’t become? Does he think of his grocery cart, now abandoned on some forgotten alley way? We don’t know. 

But both people are about to enter the same existence. Both people, despite what they had (or didn’t have) are about to become exactly the same thing: nothing

Who won? 

Whose effort was more worthwhile?

Who receives the honor in death?

Let’s use this illustration to remind us to treasure what we have, this abundance swirling around us and enveloping us. As I began with the reality that I was breathing and my heart was beating, such things are truly valuable and worthy. I would think that, upon knowing that death was coming, both people, rich and poor, would have wanted a moment more to breathe; a few more beats of the heart. And both were equally powerless to acquire either.

But there is breath in our lungs and blood coursing through our veins. And that is an abundance from which all abundance springs forth. Be grateful, my beautiful friend.  


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