Begin With Love

Words are powerful. And it is with thoughts that we create the world, as it’s said. Every moment, we are in a state of communication, either with ourselves or with others. Information moving from one post to the next, growing, changing, spreading. Words and thoughts contain so much extraordinary potential. They can build up or tear down. They can illuminate or they can darken minds. 

What should I say? What do my words mean, we often wonder.

Begin with love. Imagine if every single thought emanating from within us was strained through the filter of love and compassion. Imagine if we instilled every word with kindness and patience. Imagine if we were able to be the kind of person for someone else who we’d wan them to be for us.

It is no surprise that the Golden Rule, as it is know in the West, is so timeless and features so prominently in various disparate and far flung religious and philosophical traditions.

Be nice.

Be compassionate.

Be loving.

Be grateful.

When? Now. Right now. There’s no better time to begin. The next breath, the next step. The next blink of your eye. Color it with love. Because when we begin with love, we end with love.


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