No More Masks

Moving through life as though we were weaving through the crowd of a masquerade ball, concealed in secret, keeping hidden our true identities. Not for the sake of tantalizing excitement or intrigue, but because we are afraid to let the world see our faces; mortified of the judgement and criticism we feel will visit us if we were to show who we really are.

But every masquerade ball ends. Everyone eventually goes home and hangs up their mask. Why should we still wear ours? Do we stand before the mirror, in vain attempts to convince ourselves there’s no truth below the facade? Worse yet, have we convinced ourselves? 

Time is fleeting; this is our life to live; our moment to be fully and unabashedly who we are in all our splendor and glory. The mask we hold before our face can never increase on the beauty that already exists. The mask is heavy and suffocating. Take it off. Throw it to the ground and smash it into a million pieces.

We were born masterpieces. We were utterly unique. Our fear put the mask on but self-love and self-compassion can help us to remove it. May we be instilled with enough love for self that we could stand before the entire world naked and be completely confident in who and what we are, shining for all to see. The labels, the narratives and the tired constructs we’ve self-applied have run their course. They are stale. They never served us and certainly don’t know.

Break the mask. Breathe freely. Open your eyes and face the music. You are a glorious, indescribably beautiful creation. 


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