The Fire Within

It burns, steady and pure. Flames crackling and licking in the furnace, stoked and kept alight by our continued presence, by every thought. It is the fire of passion within us. It is the abiding light of love that keeps us going; that makes us desire to be here, to keep breathing and keep wondering.

The flames warm our desires. It warms our passions. It makes the colors of life more vibrant, showcasing the contrasts and nuance as it flickers upon the walls of our being.

The flames, while brilliant and bright, can recede and die if we ignore it for too long. As every fire needs oxygen, so too does our passion. It needs air breathed into it from time to time. It needs to be acknowledged. With even the most brief glance, the fire courageously rolls on, illuminating the path to our creativity, our true selves and the realm of conscious desire.

You may feel the fire and it may startle you. It sends shivers down your spine and causes your hair to stand on end. It brings a kind of focus to those things that inspire you at your core level, beyond the ability for mere words to describe. It is the sublime and the outlandish wrapped into one.

Let the fire burn. Let it teach you something. Dance naked before it and follow its rythym.


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