You are the Lens

Existence is relative. Two people may not experience the same phenomenon in the same way. Or they may. Perception is a powerful tool that enables us to perceive of the world and understand who we are in it. It allows us to filter all of this ‘information’ in a way that it’s shaped into our own narrative; our own reality.

Existentially speaking, truth is a hard thing to very logically or pragmatically. At least in the sense that truth can be transplanted from person to person. Our worldview, our morality, our sense of wonder, our dreams and our desires…this are all products of our existence and apply primarily to us.

The English poet William Blake wrote: “when the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite.”

Do we fear the truth? Do we fear that infinite reality revealed through our independent lens? We each have the power to be infinite, because we are. Only our adherence to outdated “socially acceptable” norms and standards keep us tethered to this place; this herd mentality that reduces that magical faculty within us to dream beyond our boundaries.

You are the lens. You alone can filter and form your existence. Everything comes to you through your own mind, heart and soul. You can declare ownership over your own world and release yourself into it. This great cosmic dance will not happen unless we ultimately free our mind. If we begin to perceive ourselves as being individual parts of this human galaxy.


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