Follow your Passion

What drives you? 

Have you even asked yourself that question? Are you afraid of the answer? Are you nervous that the truth it reveals may shake your foundation and utterly transform your existence?

I believe all people are instilled with passion on a very basic and fundamental level. We all have the ability and gift to create, to inspire, to experience the mystery of bliss and to inspire others. And yet many of us never realize it because we feel passion lies beyond us. Passion is somewhere out there, over the horizon, the plaything of artists and mystics alone. Sitting in our cubicle on Monday morning, staring at spreadsheets, it’s hard to realize that we may have passion. But it stirs within us. The more dissatisfied we are with our existence, our work, our relationships, our tired philosophies and assumptions, the more passion grows, gestating within us as a baby about to be born. And yet…many never know it’s there. So we engage in our petty distractions. Our temporary salves, offering limited enjoyment while fighting back that abiding restlessness and desire for which we’ve never bestowed a name: passion.

How do you become passionate? It is not a search. It is not like looking for your keys. Or trying to remember where you set your wallet. Passion is aready in you. Some people awaken to this easily while others, sadly, never will. Through years of conditioning and being repreatedly told that we must fit a mold that society will consider acceptable, that passion within us become more and more hidden. Think of children. Think of our imagination when we ran through the yard or played with our toys. Think of how incredible it was to create with our hands and make something vibrant and colorful with paints. Fast forward to our adult years and those children within us are starved to be heard; dying to express themselves; longing to play once again.

What a horrible lie we’ve been told: grow up, be responsible, do as you’re told. 

Time is ticking. You’ve never been as close to death as you are right now, this moment. It visits us all eventually. Can your passion wait? Can you put it off another day? Can you argue your way out of this terrific need to feel every single sensation and impulse because it doesn’t fit your schedule?


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