Peace Floats

Tirelessly, we search. Through this complicated prismatic existence we strive to find simplicity, comfort and solace. Self-appointed seekers, traversing the physical and spiritual landscape in search of soulful respite. And yet the search, while predicated on our most noble passions, often ends with us feeling less content than we were when we began; less peaceful, grounded and settled.

There we sit on the rocky terrain of a distant land, covered in dust, sore and alone. 

The irony of ‘finding peace’ is that we search for something we already have. We have been given everything we need in this moment to imbue our lives with endless peace and contentment and yet the commonly held notion that anything good must be sought stops us from recognizing it. 

When the torrent is stilled, when the waters have calmed, our peace will find its way to the top. It’s there, tossed about under the waves of our discontent. But given then chance it will ascend. It it soon emerge and bask in the radiant sunlight. 

When we are still. When we become that placid water. When our minds are focused on the only thing that ever was or can be – this moment – the miracle of inner peace begins to manifest.

The journey to find peace of often a very elaborate u-turn. We travel far, often for long periods of time, without seeing this arc. And when that light of peace finally comes into view, we forget that were standing in front of the mirror and looking at ourselves. 


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