The Breaking Point

When an object, like a table for instance, has too much weight placed upon it, it will give way. The legs will bend and break or the table top will crack and fall to pieces. Any structure designed to sustain weight or pressure has a maximum load limit. Once that is reached, the structure becomes unstable.

Do we have a breaking point as people? Well, we certainly have to handle a lot of pressure from time to time. But what about other forces that weigh upon us? Unhappiness, emptiness, feelings of inferiority, doubt, jealousy, boredom and so on. All of these things can represent a burden on our minds and bodies. And while we may walk upright to the physical observer, spiritually we are bent over and staggering along our miserable crooked path barely able to accommodate the load. When we reach what I call the spiritual breaking point, we collapse. Like an elevator that has exceeded its weight limit, our cables snap and we careen to the ground. This is usually a toxic experience, accompanied by disorientation, malaise, actual sickness, etc. Or maybe even a form of shock or nervous episode.

But what if we could anticipate the breaking point or even bring it about ourselves on our terms? Could it actually be a positive and beneficial experience. Chances are, you’ve had it up to here with some aspect of your life, whether it’s your social group, relationship, career, spiritual life. Or maybe some aspect of your life is sabotaging your happiness or joy. Perhaps it’s some routine you’re mired in that’s slowly sapping your will to survive. The list goes on.

Why wait for the mechanism to collapse when we can repair it now? Maybe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to recognize the stuff that is not working and break it before it breaks us; to start anew from where we are right here and now. We place ourselves willingly at that point of no return then. We embrace that we must change and that the old philosophies are no longer sufficient for providing the existence we seek to live.

Do not simply let things break. Make them break. Begin your rebirth today; a new creation, replete in meaning, purpose and value. The things you deserve. 


2 thoughts on “The Breaking Point

  1. Wow was this powerful for today. I have always had to be the one who breaks out of an unhealthy relationship. I wanted someone to change so I could be accepting. Now on the verge of that same repetitive behavior I see that I need to accept me and accept Gods love but I’m so broken. If only my boyfriend would choose life abundantly, but have I even? I need to keep choosing me when I don’t feel like it

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