When Hate Grows

Hate is toxic. It is a destroyer; both of the hater and the hated. There is nothing beneficial, even when we hate those from a position of righteous indignation. Like warfare, hate is the final stage of a breakdown. It is the worst scenario when things have sputtered out of control.

Like cells multiplying without any reason, hate spreads. And, sadly, hate replicates much faster than love. Which is why the mission to create love, by as many people as possible, is more important now than ever.

When we see pain and suffering. When we see tyrants oppressing their people. When we see widespread chaos and anarchy, we must never lose sight of the very fundamental truth that we can find steadfast peace in our own ability to extend love to others as well as ourselves. When we imbue is fully, it strengthens us and solidifies our resolve to continue upon this sacred journey.

When we’ve allowed hate to grow outside, it becomes easier for it to find its way in. And when it does, like a virus, our infection can be hard to fight. So be wary, friends. Be cautious of the things to which you devote your emotions. Dedicate your hearts and souls to things that foster hope, positivity and compassion. For, in the end, it’s that which will save us. 


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