The Dreams That Save Us

Do you ever feel guilty smiling? Does it pain you to think of the suffering in this world? Do you look at your abundance, as meager as if may be in our context, realizing these blessings are more than some could ever hope for?

Everybody dreams. And when we have those visions, we are not only free but equal. Nothing sets us apart from one another when we have ascended to the domain of abiding hope.

To dream is to smile in the face of sadness. It is to rise when everything pulls us down. And whether rich or poor, healthy or ill, your dreams are your liberation.

Persist then, despite the circumstances. Feel that lightness of transcending above this layer; this termporal and flawed reality. Dare to allow bliss to encircle and envelope you.

When you dream and dare to hope, the hand you stretch forward into the ether comes back and embraces you. Dreams are not life – but the salvation of life.


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