Where Understanding Stops, Mystery Begins

As rational people, it is our right to know. That is, to fully understand and comprehend every component and particle of our world, both material and immaterial. This includes understanding others; breaking them down into a simple bare bones paragraph. 

But there’s so much we don’t understand. Eternal questions of why can sometimes haunt and unsettle us to our core. Or even how. We may have tried to rationalize and therefore justify the actions of others but inevitably end up with no explanation. So many enigmatic components to this universe and the beings that occupy it.

Shifting from exclusively seeing everything as purpose driven and causal to seeing them as phenomena helps tremendously. This is, in many ways, the simple act of accepting this incomprehensible and rescuing ourselves from the confirmatory desire

Meditation gifts us this ability to witness phenomena without any need to understand it. When you sit in the present, everything comes to you as it is. The plane overhead is just a plane. The fly buzzing around your nose is just a fly. The stresses of the world are just constructs of our busy minds that have fallen victim to over-response.

By embracing the miracle of experience, we free ourselves from the need to package each thing into a neat little box. The meaning, if there is any, is transcendent. What we are able to conceive is never the truest depiction of what it…is


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