God Consciousness

We share so much and yet we forget this when we consume ourselves with this petty pursuit of self-identification. We build walls around ourselves; isolating our souls and minds from one another. We construct our own experience, totally unaware that it is the collective human experience that really matters and that can truly transform our lives.

The story of society is almost as much to do with collective experience as separate experience. But what is achieved when we seek separation? Nothing. Our emotional reality is inseparable from that of others. We occupy this spiritual dimension whether we would like to admit it or not. And what benefits one of us benefits all. If the root of compassion and humanity is expected to take hold, we can’t act as though the needs of others are not our needs as well. To feel love, to be safe, acknowledged, fed and clothed…is this not universal?

Global consciousness is God consciousness. It’s little wonder that the concept of God is often synonymous with morality. Beyond the conventional idea of God as someone or something, may we ascend to a level of understanding that holds God consciousness as the energy available to all of us when we merge our lives and our spirits into the collective human experience. What could be more moral than truly loving others?  What could benefit all people more than acknowledging that all people are imbued with the essential nature of Godliness? 


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