It’s not WHO you are…

The ego requires that we conceptualize the person we are; the totality of what constitutes ourselves. We embark on these strenuous adventures of self-discovery in some attempt to awaken to our selves. And often these journeys are fruitless, reveal something we don’t like or only last a short time. Soon, we become disillusioned and either give up the search or begin again.

I often tell people that I am not the person I was when I was 20. This is true. Truer still, I’m not the person I was last week. We are dynamic beings, constantly changing. We respond to external stimulus and internal reality. Our ideas and concepts shift. Our tastes and interests may vary broadly, as they should. We are not static but in motion. When we stop moving and evolving, this existence loses all meaning. We experience a kind of subconscious death.

As I have pondered this, it has occurred to me that, instead of who we are, what really matters is that we are; that we exist in the first place.

Nothing would exist without our innate ability to conceive of reality and existence. There would be no need to self-conceptualize if we were not materialized. So, imagine if we stopped concerning ourselves so much with whether or not we have purpose to realize and instead acknowledge that simply being is the only real purpose we can think of. Consider: without being, no purpose would matter. Gone would be the need to measure up to others or ourselves. We would only be concerned with existing and the kind of comfort or purpose we derived from our lives would be as a direct result of what we need to secure that purpose.

Could it be that self actualization is the real delusion?


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