The ‘Secret’ to Happiness

Have you ever found yourself saying “I just want to be happy” as if it were some elusive objective you were always in search of? Happiness is the pinnacle of the good life; the ultimate destination in the minds of those who feel that ultimate satisfaction and bliss are just out of reach. Books have been written about it and seminars have been given all in the name of happiness. And there are lots of people willing to shell out hard earned money and time to find it. 

Most never do and those who think they are probably just fooling themselves. 

Woah! Before you accuse me of being a Debbie Downer, hear me out. (or read me out, since this is a blog post).

Real happiness, and the feeling we associate with happiness, comes and goes. It would be insane to desire a life of constant elation. After all, if everything went great and you experienced total joy every single minute, what would you have to contrast that joy with enabling you to really be grateful for it? Your joy would be meaningless.

No one is immune to sadness, anxiety, worry and suffering. At some point, we all encounter these crushing emotions. What’s most important is maintaining the knowledge that these, like their polar opposite feelings of joy, will come and go.

The sailor knows that still waters and fair breezes can become raging seas. We weather these changing conditions by becoming buoyant; by floating on life’s current and not becoming victims of our own desire to resist. If we survive the storm – which we will – we can expect the calm respite to follow. 

Ironically, chasing happiness may be the one thing keeping you from it. Instead of pursuing it, let it be. Keep your calm, your focus and your center. Inhabit the moment and allow the tide to roll in….and out.

The secret to happiness is that there is no secret.


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