You Are Stronger Than You Think

We’ve all heard stories of people who have conquered the odds; people who have survived unimaginable hardships and difficulty. Our first instinct is to put ourselves in their position and wonder whether we could survive as they have. Often, we believe we’re not up to the task, convincing ourselves that we’d ultimately fail.

Struggle and hardship are relative to the indvidual. There isn’t one set metric for measuring hardship. We all face struggles in our lives at some point. On the surface, some difficulties maybe seem more monumental than others, but the takeaway is not how bad the struggle was or is, but how we persevered.

People have a lot more power than they realize. Perhaps it’d be strange if we went around cognizant of that powerful all of the time, huh? Maybe it’s best that we keep it reserved for when we really need it. But the power to survive is within us. If you look back in generations, our stories are the things of survival. Surviving the odds, natural and man-made. Famine and disease, pestilence and conflict. Our ancestors didn’t just survive these things; they thrived. Why? Because they got their hands on the latest self help book or discovered the new breaking strategy for cognitively functioning through stress?

No. They survived because they had to.

The power that dwelt in them dwells in us. It’s not a matter or having that ability though, but of knowing it’s there. Of knowing that the story of our lives is, in many ways, a story of beating our circumstances. Of choosing survivorship over victimship. 

Every life will confront some form of difficulty at some point. It is inevitable. What’s not inevitable is the choices we ultimately make in how to handle it when it comes.


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