Letting your passion burn.

We often associate passion with fire, which is a convenient metaphor because fire needs oxygen to burn. When we throw a blanket over a fire or cap a candle, the flame goes out. It needs air. It needs to breathe.

Passion is something that dwells within all of us. When you say “I just don’t have any passions,” what you’re really saying is “I don’t know how to let my passions free.” I am certainly no expert in living a passionate life. I have, for too long, kept my passions bottled up, afraid to express them, convincing myself that I wasn’t feeling anything special or unique. But this blockage comes from a place of acceptance and, lack of acceptance. Socially, we are calculated in our actions; we want to do the things that will make people like us because we are terrified of being unaccepted and judged.

The artist has the muse and this has been so throughout history. That someone or something beyond themselves that inspires them to pursue what speaks to their creative nature. Are you waiting for your muse to arrive? Maybe it’s already here.


Your muse could be something as profoundly simple as the wind in the trees, a flock of birds perched outside your house, the drops of rain and the sublime backdrop of thunder in the twilight. Or anything or anyone. Remember: the muse is not what gives us the inspiration. It’s what gives us the permission to be inspired.

In my experience, as it continues to unfold before me, passion also requires deliberately breaking through that blockage. Can you feel it? For me, it was a smooth gray stone about the size of my chest. While not physically materialized, I felt it and through meditation I called it by name for what it was. Don’t get me wrong, there are fragments still left and sometimes it feels as though it’s growing again. But knowing what’s stopping you, labeling it and allowing yourself to feel the blockage is the first step in hopefully ridding yourself of it.



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