Doing Nothing while Doing Everything

Do you ever look at the clock at night and wonder where the day went? It seems like it all went by in a flash and now you’re left with this empty feeling of having lost a day, it seems. All those hours, disintegrated and lost within the ether. The busier we are, the hectic our lives become, the more it seems that we lose out on savoring what we have in real-time. The commonly cited reason for this is: “I’ve just been so busy.”

Indeed, we’re working hard, longer and for less. We throw ourselves into what we do not because we necessarily enjoy it but because we fear that by not showing 120 percent commitment to everything, we’ll be judged as lazy and careless. But what’s the net result? People who allow themselves to become swamped by endless responsibilities don’t actually work any more efficiently than anyone else. And the saddest part to all of this is that the only person who realizes how much work you’ve been doing is you.

Soon, you’re left sitting on your couch exhausted at 10 pm thinking “it seems like it should be noon.” You’re living twice the life you should be, but not in a good way. The reason time seems to accelerate exponentially is because you’re doing too much. You’re packing the responsibilities of two or three people in the time frame allotted for one. Either you give those other two people names or you part ways with them.

Fact: you deserve to enjoy your life.


Life ends. It is finite. We will all die. And every day is a day closer to that inevitability. You can’t live your days over, but you can begin to live your days more mindfully. By taking the time you need to enjoy what’s around you and what you encounter; by seeing the beauty and value in the seemingly insignificant things. If I were to ask you what flowers grow outside your office building, you probably couldn’t answer. Not many people could, so don’t feel bad. Why? We don’t associate work with flowers or birds or nature. We are one-track minded. And that’s okay. But we have to accept that being like that means that we miss out on what’s really important: the world and all of existence beckoning us to enjoy and savor it.

You don’t have to wait for New Years or next month or even the beginning of the week to start. You can do it right now.

Slow Down. Look Around. Breathe.

That’s all you need to do. It’s really that simple. The beauty of life is unfolding for you every second of every day of every month of every year. It’s your choice to see it or not. And, should you decide to see it, you’ll begin to realize that you’ve been spending a lot of time doing nothing; that what’s really meaningful, what will truly fill your days with purpose and joy, are all around you.


One thought on “Doing Nothing while Doing Everything

  1. We all know we’re going to die but it’s so hard to really believe it. In the moment it feels easier to ignore the big questions and fill our days with meaningless distractions. But if we always do what’s easy, we’re missing what’s important and making our lives so much harder in the long run.

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